October 3, 2018 Meeting

Please Join Us ENJOY THE HUDSON RIVER in fall foliage

Wednesday October 3rd , 2018 The Rondhouse Light House Museum in Kingston, NY at 3:00pm with boat ride and tour of the museum/lighthouse, followed by a dinner meeting at 5:30pm at Mariner’s Harbour. Enjoy the fall foliage and views of the Hudson River.  COST $ 60. per person, includes, boat, museum ticket and   3 course meal, with coffee. Alcoholic beverages on your own. Please RSVP. babara@sussmanart.com

November 7, 2018 Meeting

Please Join Us

Wednesday November 7 , 2018   The Albany Institute of History & Art A Menagerie of  Whimsey: The Art of William B. Schade 3:00 pm with a gallery talk by  Thomas Branchick, Director of the Williamstown Art Conservation Center, followed by dinner at Jack’s Oyster House at 5:30 pm Please RSVP. babara@sussmanart.com


December 5, 2018 Meeting


Please Join Us

Please RSVP. babara@sussmanart.com